Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO),
Ministry of Commerce, People's Republic of China

About AIBO
About AIBO
About AIBO
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Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO, also known as Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce), is the only educational and training institution directly affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), People’s Republic of China. 

Situated in the famous Xiaotangshan Longmai hot spring area, Changping District, on the riverside of Wenyu River, AIBO boasts a history of 30 years. Covering an area of nearly 600 mu (about 40 hectares) with the total floor area of over 100,000 square meters, it enjoys beautiful environment and fresh air and has all necessary facilities. Besides, it is conveniently connected to the city’s transportation networks, such as the North 6th Ring Road, Jingchang Expressway, Beijing-Chengde Expressway and Capital International Airport Expressway. It is only 25km away from the Capital International Airport and 15 minutes’ drive to Beijing Olympic Village.

AIBO has become an important training base for business professionals in the country and business officials in the world as well. As early as in 1984, the MOFCOM Party School was set up here. At present, AIBO employs nearly 194 regular staff members and 350 contract workers. It has 21 departments and offices, responsible for China-Aid training programs, domestic training and training for Party School officials, etc. Sitting in different areas in the Academy, AIBO Yuan, Yatai Hotel and the under-construction Outward Development Camp all have their distinct functions.

AIBO provides training, academic teaching, conference service as well as holiday service. Beautiful and elegant, it looks like a charming garden with every building being unique in function and profound in cultural connotation. At present, AIBO has 18 meeting rooms (including VIP rooms) of various sizes, capable of holding meetings for 400 people or trainings for 600 participants at one time. All meeting rooms are equipped with advanced audio-visual facilities. Simultaneous interpretation equipment with 7 language channels is available in the International Conference Hall which can accommodate over 300 people. AIBO’s hotel has 20 executives’ suites and about 400 standard rooms and single rooms which are well-furnished with broadband network access and 24-hour hot spring water supply. Chinese and Western cuisines are served in the restaurants and banquet halls of different styles and sizes, which can accommodate 600 people at the same time. The Recreation Center has various fitness facilities, sauna, hot spring bathing, standard indoor swimming pool, and tennis court, squash court, bowling, etc.

AIBO is the first to organize seminars for government business officials from other developing countries starting in 1998. In 2008, AIBO’s function and responsibility was further clarified as administrating and coordinating all China-Aid training programs. 

Entrusted by MOFCOM, AIBO is responsible for holding “Training Program for Economic and Commercial Officials Working in Chinese Embassies Abroad”, “Training Courses on China-Germany Economic Law”, “Training Program for Officials of MOFCOM Party School” and many other programs. With multi-level trainings of various types as its major business, AIBO provides customized trainings for the business field and renders services for all seminars and conferences on academic topics or issues of general interest.

Besides, authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, AIBO has the qualification of holding overseas trainings for the business field all over the country. In addition, it also takes charge of organizing the National Qualification Test for International Business Professionals and its registration and administration as well.

AIBO is closely cooperating with some well-known universities and training institutions in the Unites States, European countries and Japan; moreover, it has established partnership with dozens of enterprises, universities and social groups in China. 

Since its establishment, leaders of AIBO have devoted themselves to blazing the path and keeping pace with the times for its development. With the guiding principle of “All for Promoting the Development of China’s Commerce and Facilitating Training on Commerce”, it has cultivated a large number of excellent professionals, hence making great contributions to the development of China’s commerce. We believe that under the leadership of the Communist Party organization of MOFCOM, with the support from relevant departments of MOFCOM, and through the concerted efforts of all the staff, AIBO will surely make new contributions to the development of China’s commerce and develop into a well-known educational and training institution both at home and abroad.