Vice President


LEI Hao, male, Han ethnicity, born in October 1971, is from Nanyang City, Henan Province. He started to work in September 1989 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in July 1991. He graduated from Logistics Command College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) where he completed a program in Logistics Management. He holds a Master of Military Science degree.

LEI worked, in the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of the Chinese PLA, as Secretary of the Basic Education Department, Staff Officer and then Political Commissar of the Overseas Training Department, Political Commissar of the Postgraduate Management Team, Deputy Director of the Information Engineering Department, and Political Commissar of the Weapons Engineering Department. LEI is currently Vice President of the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) (also known as the Training Center), MOFCOM.

LEI is in charge of the Coordinating Office, the Project Designing Department, the Executive Department, the Business Training Department I, the Business Training Department II, Security Department, and the AIBO Hotel Management Department.