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AIBO Organizes First Batch of Eleven Online Seminars in 2022

On February 18, 2022, Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) hosted the opening ceremonies of eleven online seminars, namely, Seminar on South-South Cooperation for Latin American Countries, Seminar on Hospital Management for Spanish-speaking Countries, Seminar on E-commerce for Laos, Seminar on Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries, Seminar on Pharmaceutical & Medical Investment and Cooperation for Officials of Developing Countries, Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Education for Senior Officials from Asian and African Countries, Seminar on Public Health Management for African Countries, Seminar on China Aid Projects of Providing Complete Sets of Equipment, Seminar on Trade and Investment Facilitation for Russian-speaking Countries, Seminar on China Aid Projects for African French-speaking Countries and Seminar on Industrial Park Construction and Management for African French-speaking Countries. Mr. LIU Rutao, Vice President of AIBO, attended the ceremonies and delivered speeches. Representative officials from Asian, African, Latin American and European countries also made remarks on behalf of all the seminar participants respectively.

The eleven seminars vary from 14 to 21 days in length, and have more than 500 participants from 23 countries in total. Throughout the seminars, participants will share successful experiences, discuss development measures and promote exchange and cooperation in relevant fields.

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