Through the Eyes of Participants (I):An Opening China Has Been Bringing Care and Peace to the World

Program Executive Department I of Cooperation in Human Resources Development     June 2, 2022

From 16th to 29th of March, 2022, 50 officials from 13 countries spanning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, such as Iraq, Jordan, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua attended a virtual Seminar on Officials and Business Leaders of Machinery Industry from Developing Countries hosted by the Academy for International Business Officials(AIBO). The seminar aimed to fuel the growth of the machinery industry in China and other developing countries and facilitate global economic recovery in the post-pandemic period.

To achieve the target, AIBO had made great efforts to invite Xu Bu, President of the China Institute of International Studies, Song Xiaogang, Vice President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, and other well-known experts, scholars, and senior executives from various institutions to share experiences and exchange points of view in relevant topics.

The seminar wrapped up with satisfactory and fruitful results under the unremitting efforts of Chinese experts and the vigorous interaction of the participants. In the feed backs, participants spoke highly of China's development philosophy and unanimously declared that the seminar has deepened their understanding of the transition and upgrading of the machinery industry.

After the completion of the seminar, Mr. Younis, an engineer from the Ministry of Construction & Housing of Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq, wrote an upbeat appraisal letter about the Programs of Cooperation in Human Resource to AIBO. He also believed that an open China has been bringing care and peace to the world. The full letter is as follows:

To: The Academy for International Business Officials(AIBO),

Ministry of Commerce, People's Republic of China

Subject: Seminar on Officials and Business Leaders of Machinery Industry from Developing Countries (16-29March/2022)


Honorable Mr. Liu Rutao,vice president of the Academy for International Business Officials(AIBO),

Respectable (AIBO) team members,

Respectable Participants,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening, and also good afternoon. I would like to express my warm greetings and best wishes on behalf of all my participant colleagues on this promising occasion of this seminar that was held on 16 March to 29 March 2022 about Officials and Business Leaders of Machinery Industry from developing countries.

I am very delighted to be a part of this gathering of 50 participants from 13 countries, and we are very grateful for this group of wonderful and productive online seminars that provided new information and ideas about officials and business leaders in the machinery industry as well shedding light on different other bright fields in China, for example China and global governance, smart agriculture, smart education, tourism, Belt and Road Initiative... etc.

This seminar was truly an eye opener for us on how China has progressed over the years to a developed economy represented by the attitude and the positive role of Chinese leadership and the hard work of their people.

The Chinese believe that the belt and road initiative which was formally suggested by Chinese President Xi Jinping, provides new motivators for a new round of globalization and Chinese economy development. We believe that the Belt and Road Initiative provides new motivator for our countries as well.

It’s very clear for everyone the wise vision of the leadership of the People’s Republic of China on global governance and their humanitarian position in building a community with a shared future for mankind. “We should jointly promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and work together to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys ever lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity” President Xi Jinping said.

Such visions and ideas will create global peace and avoid countries destructive wars and unite the world with global issues, for example global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact these 14 days passed so quickly, that I wished we had more time to enjoy learning about Smart education, smart agriculture, the great wall, forbidden city and to discover more and more about this great country China.

The forbidden city is no more forbidden, but widely opened offering peace and love to all people around the world. We’re going to share what we learned from this seminar with our Ministries for more cooperation between our countries and China especially in the economic field for mutual benefit.

Finally, on behalf of my participant colleagues, I would like to thank the Ministry of Commerce in China, and the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) for its wonderful organizing of this online seminar. Also I would like to thank Chinese embassies and consulates in our countries as well as our Ministries for their cooperation.

Best regards.

Chief Engineers

Teliy Mohammad Younis

Director of Directorate of

Weigh Stations/Duhok

Kurdistan Region/Iraq


A Letter to AIBO from Teliy_00

A Letter to AIBO from Teliy_01


Mr. Younis actively engaged in the seminar


Mr. Younis at work in Iraq

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